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The “Dearest,” installation utilizes art as a means of communication and a creative mechanism for sharing experiences and vulnerabilities.  “Dearest,” features a series of expressive, large-scale, acrylic portraits staged around a set of vintage Post Office mailboxes.  Each portrait has mounted under it a book that displays handwritten letters relating to individual interpretations of the portraits.  The title for each portrait is a mailbox number that corresponds to a box in the antique unit.  Viewers are encouraged to write a letter, either “to” or “from” a portrait of their choosing with materials supplied by the artist.  All letters are addressed simply to the endearment “Dearest,”  When completed, the viewers place their letters in the corresponding mailbox slot for the portrait they chose to address.  Newly written letters are added to the display books during the course of the exhibition, thus creating a library of alternate perspectives and stories to be shared by visitors.  

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