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Artist & Painter

 I focus on painting because visual imagery moves me.  I view painting as a shared experience akin to storytelling, where perception and response are enticed through imagery.  My work begins with this goal, and opens up the experience for observers to participate literally in the exchange.  My work represents a figure in paint and then explores other means of communicative discourse, largely through the addition of narrative elements such as letters. 
My technique approaches the physical appearance of the subjects in a visibly layered application.  By approaching the work this way, I reinforce the conceptual link between the process of “building” a painting, and the “building” of one’s perspective.  Both types of building are the culmination of many different factors interacting together. 
By presenting subtle expressions and involving an interactive story-sharing avenue, my art encourages consideration of the role that empathy plays in shaping us. Specifically I choose to address feelings of vulnerability and intimacy, which I find largely under-appreciated within a contemporary outlook.  When we seek to better understand and share our expressions of internal feelings, we engage in a journey of discovery.  In this way, the voyage established through art offers the opportunity to engage in thoughtful conversation and transformation for those willing to participate.

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